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About Us

We are students, professionals, teachers, mentors, and lifetime learners. We have experiences we wish to share and more experiences we hope to make. We want to make the world a better place, and we believe that sharing skills, inspiring creativity, and making ideas into real things positively influence and reinforce learning.​

Our Mission: LVLUP is a non-profit organization committed to creating opportunity, stimulating innovation, and enabling entrepreneurship through STEAM education and skills training for all. Our goal is to host workshops and establish makerspaces throughout the Bay Area

Become a Sponsor
  • A minimum of 20% off all revenue goes towards scholarships for low-income individuals.

  • Help us serve more of the community and keep learning affordable!


Creative thinking and problem-solving are skills we develop over time. Our workshops are give a boost to that learning process. Each workshop is designed to apply design thinking and get you making with a quick and easy project. Once the initial project learning is complete, it's time to make what you want. Learn and develop your ideas, not ours. ​


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