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FEF Collaboration brings STEAM to FUSD Elementary Schools!

2019 is starting out as an amazing year for as we have been honored to participate in a STEAM program sponsored by FEF (Fremont Education Foundation) to deliver workshops at all the FUSD Elementary Schools! FEF has put together collaboration with, Olive Children's Foundation, and Code4Fun that is bringing hands-on workshops to FUSD Students!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to support the school, teachers, parents, and of course the students in enhancing their learning experience.'s project with the students is the Kinetic Roller Coaster Challenge!

The students are split into teams and they are tasked with building a roller coaster that allows their marble to travel as far as possible. This experience gives students a hands-on project that demonstrates Potential and Kinetic energy in a fun and challenging environment. This project requires the students to collaborate and be respectful of each others ideas and contributions.

We want to thank FEF, Fahria Khan, our collaborators at Olive Children's Foundation & Code4Fun for making this program possible. has visited 5 schools and hosted 8 sessions for over 1,200 students in the past 4 weeks!

The students, staff, and teachers have all been incredible! We hope to see you all again soon and for the schools who haven't seen us yet, we'll see you soon!

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