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FEF Maker and Coding events are a big hit!

We're entering the last month of our tour of FUSD Elementary Schools and it's been awesome! The Students, faculty, and parents have been amazing, and we have received so much positive feedback every session! has had the privilege to work with over 3k FUSD students so far in 2019!

Thanks to FEF for setting up this years events and to our partners Code for Fun and Olive Children who are out there every week with us! continues with our Kinetic Energy Roller Coaster Challenge at each school. Our activity is as much about science and engineering as it is about collaboration. We hope that each participant (parents can participate at evening events too!) has a great time experimenting and working with their peers! The key to success with this challenge is collaboration. We explain to each group the importance of working together, patience, listening, contributing, and all those things that make a team great!

Your donations, registrations, shares, and ongoing support make all this possible.

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